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Issue #1: Be Transgressive


The first time I remember a game breaking was Super Star Wars (1992). Every time I started the game, after entering the debug code once, I had the lightsaber. 


Super Star Wars had stopped being fun, not because I broke the rules, but because I had done away with most of them. I had discovered what it takes to game a game. I enjoyed new ways of interacting with the Star Wars universe, seeing what it would be like if Han Solo had stormed a Sandcrawler or Chewbacca was an even more unstoppable dog/man monster with an anachronistic laser crossbow.


In tampering with the components of a system, we step outside and past what we’re “supposed” to do in a game. That new, transgressive way of looking at play is the focus of this issue.



We are looking for new original work that is unpublished outside of your personal domains. This list is by no means conclusive or concrete. We encourage experimentation and orginality. 



Send your submissions, project pitch, or  further questions to:




We are currently accepting submissions for our next issue. 



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